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Fiverr HTML 5 Test Answer 2022

  • HTML 5 Test

Test Syllabus

  • Html 5 elements and attributes
  • Html 5 events
  • Html 5 syntax
  • Html 5 web application APIs
  • Loading HTML 5 web pages
  • Html dom


  • 40 minutes


  • 40 multiple-choice questions.


  • Each question has between 2 and 8 options; one or more may be correct.
  • There is no penalty for guessing if you don’t know the answer; therefore, make sure you attempt all of the questions.
  • To pass, you will need to answer at least 60% of the questions correctly.
  • The clock timing of your test is located at the top of the test window.
  • This test is best viewed using Internet Explorer version 11.0 or higher or Mozilla Firefox 45.0 or higher or Google Chrome 48 or higher.
  • Questions will be displayed one at a time. A next button is provided at the bottom of the test page for navigating to the next question. Do not press the next button if you have not answered the question.
  • Once you have answered a question, you cannot go back and change your answer.
  • Do not use the shortcut menu options (mouse right-click) or the keyboard for navigating backwards or forwards within the test.
  • There is a 1 day waiting period between test retakes. You can only take a test twice in a three months time window.

1. You are writing the code for an HTML form and you want the browser to retain the form’s input values. That is if a user submits the form and presses the browser’s back button, the fully populated form is displayed instead of a blank form. Which of the following HTML 5.0 attributes will you use?

ans: d) form target

2. In HTML 5.0, which of the following media events is triggered when the fetching of media data is interrupted before it has completely loaded (due to any reason)?

ans: c) suspend

3. A computer programming book has to go online. Which of the following tags is ideal for displaying the program snippets?

and: b) <code>

4. Which of the following is NOT a valid attribute for the <link> element in HTML 5.0?

ans: c) HTTP-equiv

5. Which of the following is the correct syntax to change the text ‘WELCOME!’ to ‘Hello!’?

ans: c) <h1 onclick=”this.innerHTML=’Hello!’”>WELCOME! </h1>

6. When is the window storage event triggered in the HTML document?

and: b) it is triggered when a Web Storage area is updated.

7. Which of the following is true about HTML DOM?

  • i) It is a standard object model for HTML
  • ii) It is a programming language.
  • iii) It is a standard programming interface for HTML.

and: b) i & iii

8. For adding a new child node before a specified child node, which of the following methods is used?

ans: a) insertBefore()

9. Which of the following is the correct method to load another web page or reload the same page in HTML 5.0?

ans: a) <head>

<meta HTTP-equiv=refresh content=5>


10. In HTML 5.0, what is the function of the sandbox attribute when used with <iframe> as shown below?

<iframe src=”aaa ” sandbox=?></iframe>

ans: a) It is used to define the restrictions to the frame content.

11. What is the function of the history traversal task source in HTML 5.0?

ans: c) It is used to queue calls to history. back() and similar APIs.

12. How will you cancel the timeouts that are set with the setInterval() API method identified by the handlers in HTML 5.0?

ans: window.clearInterval (handle)

13. In which of the following conditions is a browsing context A allowed to navigate a second browsing context B?

ans: d) All of the above

14. You want to display a table listing customer names and their contact information. The heading of the table is shown in the given figure. What is the code for creating the first line of the table heading?

and: b) <tr>

<th>Customer Name</th>

<th colspan=3>Contact</th>


15. What will be the output of the following HTML DOM code?

<!DOCTYPE html>


<p id=”begins”>First Attempt! </p>


var txt=document.getElementById(“begins”).innerHTML;



ans: a) First Attempt!

16. When does the ondragleave mouse event get fired in HTML 5.0?

ans: a) It gets fired when an element has been dragged to a valid drop target.

17. How does a button created by the <button> tag differ from the one created by a <input> tag?

ans: c) An input tag button can include images as well.

18. What does the icon attribute of the HTML 5.0 command tag define?

<command icon=”?”>Click Me!</command>

ans: a) It is used to define the URL of an image to display as the command.

19. Which of the following is correct about the oncanplaythrough event fired by media resources in the HTML 5.0 document?

and: b) The script will run when the media is played to the end, without stopping for buffering.

20. Which of the following HTML 5.0 elements is used to embed Java applets into your HTML 5.0 web page?

and: b) <object>

21. What is the default background colour for the canvas element in HTML 5.0?

ans: a) Black

22. This question is based upon the figure shown below

How will you bind the datalist option (shown below) with an <input> element, whose type attribute is set to URL, to get the result shown in the image?

ans: c) User should define a list attribute to the input element whose type is URL.

23. In HTML 5.0, how will the script be executed if you use the script element shown below?

<script src=”script.js” type=”text/javascript” defer=”defer”></script>

and: b) The script will be executed when the page has finished parsing.

24. Which HTML 5.0 element will you use to group the related options in a drop-down list?

ans: a) outgroup

25. Which of the following tags would assist in creating named groups within a select list?

ans: c) outgroup

26. Which of the following statements is correct for a blockquote?

and: b) It defines a section that is quoted from another source

27. What will be the return value when using the window? navigator.appName API method in an HTML 5.0 web application?

ans: d) It will return the name of the browser.

28. Which of the following statements are correct with regard to <hr> and <br> elements of HTML 5.0?

and: b) <hr> element is used to insert the horizontal line within your document and <br> element is used to insert a single line break.

29. Which of the following is NOT an attribute of the <meta> element in HTML 5.0?

ans: c) HTTP-equiv

30. You specified a base tag and anchors as follows:

1. <base target=”_blank”>

2. <a href=””>Yahoo</a>

3. <a href=”” target=”_top”>Google</a>

Which of the following is true of the above code?

ans: a) Only the Yahoo link will open in a new window.

31. In HTML 5.0, which of the following attributes of the <object> element refers to the location of the object’s data?

ans: c) data

32. Which <body> tag event is fired when the user leaves the document?

ans: a) onunload

33. Which of the following are valid mouse events in HTML 5.0?

ans: all

34. Which of the following is NOT a valid value for the type attribute of the <input> element in HTML 5.0?

ans: f) All of the above are the valid values for <input> element

35. Which event is fired when an element loses its focus in HTML 5.0 document?

ans: c) onblur

36. Which of the following is NOT a valid value for the <iframe> sandbox attribute in HTML 5.0?

ans: a) URL

37. What is the purpose of the <q> element in HTML 5.0?

ans: c) It is used to define the start of a short quotation

38. from it?

and: b)

39. Which of the following is an INVALID value for the type attribute of the command tag?

ans: d) text



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